Custom, bespoke, pixel-ly goodness, for your very own optical-viewing pleasure. Could probably be used to cover up a disappointing piece of wall, if you had some Blu-Tack to hand.

Design for print


God bless the brave trees that gave their papery lives in service of these pamphlets and flyers.

“Undo Print”

Photo of "Undo Print" command in Photoshop

The paper next to me ruffled, like the mirrored surface of a bird bath on a breezy day, or a fidgety bed sheet impersonating a spooky ghost. In an instant it had shot across the room, leaving a prism of scorched air in its wake. As the A4 page re-met the slitted maw of the […]

5 ways to make the next Alien game even better


11th February 2015
Do you enjoy crouching through ambiguously industrial-looking corridors? Would hiding from a dribbling rubbery man-monster make your heart beat faster? If you thought ‘yes’ to the above, you will probably enjoy Alien: Isolation.