Logos & branding

Norwich Radical Film Festival

As Head of Design, I have worked with the Norwich Radical Film Festival to create their logo and broader visual identity.

Logo for Norwich Radical Film Festival

The Festival logo references the ‘radical axis’, a principle of geometry. The Festival uses Exo 2.0 throughout — a strong, versatile typeface with an extensive range of weights. Exo 2.0 excels in readability for small body copy and is stylistically appropriate for titling, as well as being available to use as a webfont (allowing me to implement it on the Festival’s website). The Festival’s branding follows a minimal colour-scheme of black, white and Pantone’s ‘Strong Red’.

Poster for NRFF workshop

Photo of badges with NRFF logo

Norfolk Union Learning Group logo 1

Logo for NUA Animation Society

Logo for NUA Enterprise Society

Logo for Jack Brindelli's Youtube channel

Logotype of photographer Jeanette Bolton-Martin